Getting your books the moment they pop out of the Diamond boxes, Metro Entertainment provides a special subscription service that will guarantee the issues you want when they hit the stores. FREE of charge (plus extra benefits!), Metro Entertainment is dedicated to making sure you get your books when you need them!

We offer two forms of subscriptions: one is an IN STORE PULL where, every Wednesday when our books arrive, we will reserve your titles first and hold them for you behind the counter. This is great for people who have a particular title they want to make sure they receive, people who have a lot of books they get regularly every month or have an unusual title they are not sure will be in stock. Even customers who go out of town for an extended length can make sure that their comics will be waiting for them when they get home! We can reserve everything from comics to trade paperbacks and graphic novels, even toys!

The second option is a MAIL ORDER PULL where we will mail out your books to you should you be in an area without a local comic shop or are unable to make it to the store on a regular basis. Again, anything can be ordered especially for you and shipped at your request.


  1. When each week's new books arrive, we fill our subscribers’ PULL lists before the books go on sale to the general public. All subscribers have a tremendous advantage by signing up and having their books reserved.
  2. New PULL Comics are available for purchase Wednesday afternoon. On occasion comics are delayed due to holidays or other circumstances beyond our control.
  3. There is no minimum number of titles you may select on your PULL sheet.
  4. The discount system is as follows:

    # of Monthly Titles:


    1-10 Guaranteed Pull & Hold Service
    11-25 10% OFF Pull Titles only
    26-40* 10% OFF Pull Titles
    10% OFF Titles from the Shelves
    41-60* 15% OFF Pull Titles
    10% OFF Titles from the Shelves
    61-75* 15% OFF Pull Titles
    15% OFF Titles from the Shelves
    76 or more* 20% OFF Pull Titles
    15% OFF Titles from the Shelves
    *Pulls with over 26 monthly titles receive a FREE copy of Diamond Previews every month! Only current monthly comics apply towards your title count. Monthly comics yet to premiere will count once the first issue is released. Comics that do not come out monthly are designated by a “nm” (“not monthly”) or “ms” (mini-series). Your discounts only apply to books picked up within one month, unless previous arrangements have been made. Returning requested books back to the shelves will result in the immediate loss of discounts.
  5. Marked Trade Paperbacks (TP) and Soft/Hard Covers (SC/HC) are done as a service and are not discountable. Be aware that these are large format books which are usually more expensive.
  6. Titles listed as “(adult)” may ONLY be selected and purchased by persons over the age of 18.
  7. Bulk purchases and advance orders are also available.
  8. We are happy to hold books for two weeks. Books not picked up within two weeks of their release may be returned to the shelves. Consistent failure to pick up books will result in loss of PULL privileges. If notified in advance, we are willing to make other arrangements for your convenience, in case of vacation or other extenuating circumstances. Please use your best judgment in filling out the PULL sheet; only sign up for the tiles which you are certain to purchase.
  9. MINORS (persons under the age of 18) must leave an initial DEPOSIT of $1.00 per marked title. This deposit will be fully refunded to you at the conclusion of your subscription.
  10. Also, to activate and maintain your PULL you must have the signature of your parent or legal guardian.
    • ADULTS (persons over the age of 18) must leave a CREDIT CARD NUMBER on file for deposit purposes.

Still curious? Email us and we'll send you our official pull sheet and answer any questions you may have!