Due to COVID regulations within the state of California, we are unable to host large in-store gaming tournaments and have slowly started to return to these events. For more information, please check with our Facebook page for all the latest and up to date information on our store and when we can continue in the future.
PLEASE NOTE: SPACES WILL BE LIMITED! Please call ahead to ensure your place in these exclusive events!


SUNDAY 11:30am - Yu-Gi-Oh

3pm - Magic the Gathering 3-Pack Booster Draft
11:30 - Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament ($10)

Our tournament is Swiss-style and uses the Limited & Forbidden List. Bring in your best deck and battle!

3pm - Magic Booster Draft $15

Join long time Magic the Gathering fans and new players alike Sunday afternoons for a 3 Pack Draft Swiss style tournament. For detailed information on the draft tournament format, click here!

6pm - Magic: Legacy Tournament
Magic: Legacy - $15

As a unique opportunity to play with cards from multiple Magic card sets old and new, Metro's monday format with use the Legacy rules set; click here for more info on the rules and banned list for this special tournament. Prizes will be awarded based on attendance, so bring your friends~!

For more information on our games schedule or any of our tournaments, please contact us