Participants at any of our weekly gaming events receive a
15% discount on ALL gaming items!

Currently all our gaming tournaments have been suspended until the public's health can be assured. Please see our Facebook page for up to date information and see the list below for what we offered previously.


MONDAY 6pm -Magic Commander Tournament

6:30pm - Magic: Vintage & Legacy Tournament
Magic Commander - $5

Metro Entertainment just added a new weekly Commander Deck Tournament, giving players a chance to play an all new contructed format with a full library of Magic: the Gathering cards.  Click here for more information about Commander deck play.

Magic: Vintage & Legacy - $10

EVERY 1st MONDAY OF THE MONTH: Vintage Rules! As a unique opportunity to play with cards from all Magic card sets, Metro will change the format of the Monday tournament every first monday of the month to the Vintage rules set; click here for more info on the rules and banned list for this special tournament.

The rest of our Mondays will be Legacy tournaments, so look over the format's card lists and rules and see if you can bring to life a spellbook from the past!

6:00pm - Yu-Gi-Oh
6pm - Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament ($10)

Our tournament is Swiss-style and uses the Limited & Forbidden List. The best of the best will have a chance to win a full box of Yu-Gi-Oh! booster packs!

FRIDAY 6:30pm - FNM
Friday Night Magic (standard and Pauper formats)- $5

Metro Entertainment is proud to host this weekly Standard Deck Tournament, giving players a chance to play one-on-one with their best strategies plus offer a shot at cool FOIL prize cards in the process. Every month a new card and every week a new chance to win!  We will also have an opportunity open to play the Pauper format.

SATURDAY 10:30am - Magic: Modern & Standard Tournaments

2-4pm - Pokemon Challenge

Learn to Play
2-3 Pokemon
4-5 Magic
Magic: Modern & Standard $5

This tournament is all about throwing down and discovering which decks can bust Standard wide open. Will the Pro Tour juggernauts dominate? Or will your dark-horse contender rise above the fray? The next iconic Standard deck could be yours!
This challenge is strictly Standard. So how about some tips if you're looking for inspiration to fuel your creative fire! For more information on game play and Standard style rules, please see the official Magic website for all this and more.

ALSO Play in Metro's all new MODERN style Magic: the Gathering tournament! For more information on game play and Modern style tournament rules, please see the official Magic website for a comprehensive list.

Pokemon Challenge $5

Come to Metro to play Pokémon in league style play, fun for all ages! All players earn points towards exclusive Pokémon prizes and earn their League badge! Entry fee includes a FREE Pokémon booster pack of your choice just for entering! See the Play! Pokémon Website for more information or email us at the store for details.

Learn to Play Pokemon FREE

Take this unique opportunity to learn how to play the popular Pokémon Collectable Card Game! Metro staff will teach you how to play, build decks and more! Star your Pokémon journey right here at Metro Entertainment! Email us at the store for details.

Learn to Play Magic: the Gathering FREE

also learn to play magic for free whaaaa no wai

  Join us as we open our doors to gamers' of all interests and skills! 
From Dungeons & Dragons to GURPS, World of Darkness and beyond! Risk players! Warhammer junkies! Cyberpunk enthusiasts and card sharks, Metro wants to meet you! If you're looking for a group or just want to get the skinny on some new games and meet some new faces, come in to Metro and say hello!
SUNDAY 11:30am - Yu-Gi-Oh

3pm - Magic Booster Draft

7pm - Open Wargaming 
12pm - Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament ($5/$10)

Our tournament is Swiss-style and uses the Limited & Forbidden List. Bring in your best deck and battle!

3pm - Magic Booster Draft $9

Join long time Magic the Gathering fans and new players alike Sunday afternoons for a 3 Pack Draft Swiss style tournament. For detailed information on the draft tournament format, click here!

7pm - Open Wargaming (alternate sundays)

Metro will provide space and tables for your Warhammer, Warmachine, Star Wars or other table top miniature games on alternate Sundays, please see the calender for your next opportuity to join in!

For more information on our games schedule or any of our tournaments, please contact us